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Let's see my original works ^o^

A picture that I've done to be published as a preview for a comic based on script by Wavuo. June and Simon are two futuristic characters working for a police unit. June is a psychic and Simon small cunning strong lad. This clearly show the difference of size in a "Usual Suspect" way, no? ^-^ Simon is a futuristic character that are working in a police unit. He is strong beside his stature and he's hiding some big secreeeeeeeeeets! °O° What a poseur Simon!!! He knows he's great to fit on a t-shirt! Let me see if I have some left in the back. ¬o¬ Two little fellows designed to be mascots of a site's portal. Don't they looks like pretty key-ring finally? ^^ This characters are caricatures of my working buddies and I'm in!  The "Usual Suspects" that have a little gone in the washer. This draw was done in the night of New Year 2001. It shows my wonderings and interrogations.

original front


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