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Some drawings made specially for the newsgroup created by Rafchan. Made on base to speak of manga, comics and above all to fill it with drawings and frenzy! You can find access to the ng on the site in the section LINKS/Crack-up/ledefigraphic

After a day of work on computer, I've no more eyes and my right arm is lost. My first draw on the newsgroup. The little buddy is here to discover the new place still empty and shiny. ^^ Dupa, the creator of Cubitus is dead today and I'm really sad cause he's a comics drawer that have really enjoyed my youth moments of reading and now still great to read. Haloween's here. I do the two characters with paintbrush and ink directly. ^_^;; Ooops, the police-guy looks like nothing, so I do the rest on computer in a naive way like it was done on a board with chalk. A night of draw. At 5 AM o'clock, I was no more fresh at all....find bed..find find.. ~o~ How to create characters? Simple, take some people you know and transform them as you like in roles that you feel when you see them. Featuring Batto, Rafchan and Kurichan. A night I was trying to draw a funny cat, and the result was a veal. So was makes me really angry and shake a lot, I've done a little mess with papers. -o- I've meet Rafchan a feminine drawer in a convention, and I was really really sick, in somewhat foodstuff intoxication. I took her art book to see it , I was almost on the floor in that moment, but the art was great..so it makes me feel better haha ^o^ Suddenly, a great deal of new persons pour just like that on the newsgroup. Just an interrogation, where do they comes from? There was bus to take them to us? ^^ A hi to someone but who? A day full of anger, don't know why, but I've got to scratch paper with my pen or slay someone! -o- A little joke, it's a pervert frog that talks about sexy thigh. Frog...thighs ^o^ a rats taken from a comics page you can see in the OLDIES/Comics section. He just drink alcool because he's plain sad of not having aventures. I assure you! I am working! Tonight I'm little depressed, so I pump volume on trance music and starts to jump. The neighbours? What neighbours?! A over dramatized draw showing me (yeah ¬_¬) saying bye to all the newsgroup cause i'm just going to refresh me a weekend on the beach. Certain days I just feel like the draw on the left, certain days I feel like the draw on right. This night I go dinner by a friend and he cooks really fatty, believe me. It's Christmas, it is normal that I want to run on the streets shouting "Happy Christmas" with a xmas-bonnet on my head. After a read of the last issue of "The Maxx" by Sam Kieth, I just did this dream. °o° Have you guessed what arrived to me this morning? Think everyday's tasks are very annoying. Not in the way of I see them. Catch me!! Catch me!! Clearly a gloomy night +o+


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