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Me, Ulala and Laing. I have a really bad cough these days! ~__~ Me and Rafchan. LOOk the two great girls she have done! Joy is restarting a Lain, so I do her stuffed dog! Me, Wing, Laing and Njii Me, Ackbar and LaBoogie Me, Laboogie et Ackbar A draw you can see as an alternate me °° A little mock of Ghosbusters ^-^ Ackbar, Me and ? Me, Joy, Wing et Paxx Rafchan and Me Two styles try Me and Kosal. What those two draws don't get along?! ^-^ ?, Me and Laing Laing, Me and ? glllll, a dark rainy day sketch °-° ?, Joy and Me Kosal and Me Shen, Me and Njii Laing, Ulala and Me How Me and Kosal we see Lain I looooooooooooove enigmatic characteeeeeeers. o See, another enigmatic character. ^o^ hohoho! Me and ? doing a kawaii girl. Mine is really cute no? ^o^ What I can't draw a guitar ^-^; ? and me doing crazy bunnies. @o@ Go go go go go! ? and Me doing some Chun-Li! °-° Ulala, me and japanese guys doing erotic girls, it seems. ^^ I'm learning Japanese with TA and TA is learning French with me. ^o^

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